About Our Team

Serving, Loving and Caring for Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Belize
Hands Extended International | Co-Founder Holly Holder

Holly Holder

Holly serves HEI as the Vice-President.

Hands Extended International | Co-Founder Scott Holder

Scott Holder

Scott Holder is the President of Hands Extended International (HEI). HEI is a non profit 501 C 3 faith based charity that was established by Scott and his wife Holly in 2003 as an international relief/mission organization.

Our History

Scott and Holly Holder co-founded Hands Extended International in 2003 with the shared desire to see humanitarian aid distributed to the uttermost parts of the world. Their desire goes beyond providing supplies and materials, but taking it further by establishing educational and training facilities.

Their vision for Hands Extended International along with the faithful support of others is making a difference in the Greater Middle East and Central America.

Will you help support the cause?

All are precious in the site of Jesus and it’s our life mission to serve them. Will you support us?
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