Hands Extended International

Easing the suffering of victims of terror in Northern Iraq.

Hands Extended International

Serving the poor, disabled and disadvantaged of Afghanistan with love, peace and kindness.

Hands Extended International

Serving, loving and caring for all people groups, both Israeli & Palestinian.

Hands Extended International

Answering the call and bringing light to the darkness in Belize.

Our Vision

Hands Extended International exists to meet needs in the world community. Established as a non-profit, charitable organization, we have educational and benevolent projects in developing countries throughout the world.

Our focus is to come along-side those that need the most assistance: the poor, disabled and the most vulnerable.

The scope of our work goes far beyond humanitarian aid, we provide hope and a future to those we serve by enabling them to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities.

With ongoing projects in Afghanistan, Belize, Central America, Israel and Iraq, Hands Extended International is striving to make a difference in these nations.

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